• Bacteriological disinfection (Covid 19)
  • Area cleaning
  • Complete treatment in environmental hygiene
  • Removal of mold and fungus
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Shock treatment
  • Clean air
  • Oxygenation of confined rooms
  • High work performance and fast disinfection
  • Easy handling
  • Approved and certified equipment

Ozone generator benefits

As we head back, I imagine leaving your store, office, gym, workshop or even your home, pressing a button and the entire space is automatically disinfected. Press a button and prevent the spread of not only the coronavirus, but also other viruses and bacteria.

Ozone is the best partner for this type of problem, its implementation is very simple, without incurring major costs to achieve a clean, healthy and environmentally friendly space without using chemicals and air fresheners that are harmful to health in the long term.

The environmental ozonation system is the best solution for the current situation, where manual hygiene is not enough for the total disinfection of viruses, bacteria, … On-site production, around the clock or in rotation, guarantees the complete removal of particles or organic matter that may be generated on site.

The manufacture of this equipment has been developed according to current regulations and strict quality control, which has earned us the recognition of all our customers for the results obtained and proper maintenance control.

Hygiene in hairdressing and beauty centers

Ozone generator equipment that regenerates and oxygenates the air we breathe. In this way, all areas of the center are disinfected: reception, work area, bathrooms, beauty cabin, waiting room, furniture… thus guaranteeing the absence of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Our equipment is manufactured in Spain, approved and with ISO certificate and quality.

There are devices on the market that are manufactured in Turkey and Asia whose results are not suitable.

Community and office hygiene

Ozone generator equipment that regenerates and oxygenates the air we breathe. In this way, all areas are disinfected: common areas, elevators, workspace, waiting room, furniture, fabrics… guaranteeing the absence of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Our professional technical team carries out a preliminary analysis study to equip the place and produce the necessary ozone generator in any case.

Hygiene sports centers

Sports centers are usually compact spaces in which oxygenation and aeration are completely absent, creating all kinds of discomforts (disease transmission, bad smells, bacterial load, malaise), and environmental health, where users feel comfortable, happy and active, is often overlooked. Although we think it is not necessary, it is undoubtedly a very useful and almost obligatory point in all those places where this conflict occurs. Logically, we can ignore it and turn a blind eye without worrying, but we will undoubtedly make a serious mistake.

Ozone production is fully compatible with human presence as long as it is regulated, since it has no harmful action on health, moreover, it is very beneficial, since we will breathe pure oxygen without substances that alter its quality such as VIRUSES, bacteria, mites, bad odors.

Home Hygiene

Treatment for removing all types of pollutants suspended in the air or attached to floors, walls, fabrics, furniture, metal, plastic…

Another great peculiarity of ozone is its ability to remove all kinds of fungi and molds that adhere to any surface such as mattresses, cabinets, …

Its elimination is absolutely crucial, as bacteria and fungi are at the root of many human health problems, the vast majority of which contaminate the environment in which we breathe.

For this reason, the ozone generator eliminates all pathogens in a short time, which is the best system to solve this problem without having to use chemical products, air fresheners, etc. … apart from leaving no traces in the environment, it is considered an ecological product.

Accommodation Hygiene

Ozone generators in the hotel industry are used in a wide variety of applications, mainly for air deodorization and disinfection, since ozone oxidizes the organic matter that causes bad odors, rather than disguising them as air fresheners or substitutes. The ozone variant of oxygen also has disinfectant properties that are used to purify water and air in different areas (Pools, Spas, Drinking water).

On the other hand, it brings health benefits; inactivates pathogenic organisms such as viruses and bacteria, increases environmental oxygen generating clean and healthy places. For all these reasons, the use of ozone generators in all types of businesses such as the Hotel industry increases the sense of convenience and comfort of the customers.


The places that are dedicated to satisfying direct needs of the client, such as hotels or other lodging services, it is necessary to offer healthy, fresh, hygienic and pathogen-free services. Through ozonation, in order to be preventive and provide a solution, it is a state-of-the-art, ecological and efficient technique, ideal for the disinfection of hotels. Ozone is a disinfection biocide for environments recognized by the WHO World Health Organization.

The oxidizing power of ozone is the most suitable treatment for the destruction of bacteria, viruses, germs and other pathogens, in addition to generating oxygenation after its decomposition.

Inside the rooms, an additional system can be used, such as portable ozone generators, easily adaptable to the chambermaids’ trolleys and convenient to use to achieve disinfection and odour removal in the rooms. During cleaning and room set-up the portable ozone equipment can be in operation eliminating odours and harmful micro-organisms.

By Working together with the portable ozone system, we can reach places or objects that, as a general rule, do not require daily cleaning (curtains, carpets, lamps, etc.). Ozone acts by attacking between fibers to destroy all damage, which is why ozone is the perfect tool.

SPA Hygiene

There is no doubt that in the daily use of a pool, there are different polluting factors. Until a few years ago, the only alternative to disinfecting pool water was the use of chlorine, but techniques have evolved and today there is a natural treatment, without adding chemical products, which is ozone.

✓ Elimination of bacteria and germs by a process of catalytic oxidation of bacterial proteins. It destroys the structures of living cells, not only because of the oxygen released but also because it alters the proteins. It is a more effective and faster action than chlorine.
✓ Elimination of viruses by global action against the virus, catalytic action.
✓ Destroys algae and protozoa permanently.
✓ It does not alter the Ph and is effective against turbidity.
✓ Ozone, being unstable, automatically turns into oxygen, which we should never think is bad for bathers.

Ozone is applied in water treatment to:

  • Remove colour
  • Eliminate taste and odour
  • Disinfect
  • Remove iron and Manganese
  • Oxidise phenol
  • Oxidise cyanide
  • Acts against other molecule groups

Pool Hygiene


• ✓ High oxidation potential
• ✓ Improving organoleptic characteristics of water:
•Color, odor and taste attenuated or eliminated
• Water clarification.
• Totally tasteless…
• ✓ Disinfectant: total and rapid destruction of bacteria, viruses, spores in a short contact time.
• ✓ Destroys iron and manganese salts in the form of hydrates removed by decantation or filtration.
• ✓ Elimina los trihalometanos y sus precursores.
• ✓ Removes trihalomethanes and their precursors.
• ✓ Destroys sulphites.
• ✓ No need to use chemicals.
• ✓ Oxidises other organic components.
• ✓ Improves water coagulation – flocculation.
•  Absence of toxic components in the treated water.
• ✓ Addition of oxygen of water.
• ✓ No problem of transporting potentially dangerous chemicals.

Ozone Equipments

We manufacture 3 Equipment ranges and carry out full customized installations to AIR & WATER treatments:

Domestic Equipment: Commerce, housing, transport, …

Semi-Industrial Equipment: Catering, schools, gyms, …

Industrial Equipment: hospitality, clinics, …

Customized solutions

Companies with ozone in the AC System

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