Net Palma | Empresa de limpieza en Palma de Mallorca


In the vibrant business fabric of Palma, Net Palma was born in 2015 as a company dedicated to floor cleaning, maintenance and treatment. Although our official history began some nine years ago, our foundations are steeped in more than three decades of experience, forging a legacy of excellence in every corner we touch.

We are proud to say that, since our inception, we have embraced innovation and quality as our fundamental standards. Equipped with the latest technology and high-end products, we strive to deliver a service that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

In 2017 we took the crucial step towards introducing a rigorous Quality system under ISO9001:2015. This decision was not only a recognition of our commitment to excellence, but also a promise of transparency and continuous improvement for our customers.

Concerned about the environmental impact of our activity, in 2023 we integrated environmental management according to ISO14001:2015 into our quality management systems. Beyond offering services, we want to be agents of change, ensuring that every action we take is eco-conscious.

Efficiency, professionalism, reliability and quality define us. At Netpalma, we not only offer services, but we also have experience of business success stories, commitment to quality and respect for our environment.

Join us on this journey where every service is a contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable and prosperous community.

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